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Sports and Activities

scuola-di-nuoto-augustea-roma – Collective Swimming Courses

The insight into the aquatic culture field is, from a long time, built on relaxation principles, self-control, posture coordination and approach with water. A Basic Level collective course would entail a first part of physical and respiratory preparation, in order to continue, later, with the first exercises of some of the best known swimming styles (freestyle stroke, breaststroke, backstroke, etc…). A Second Level collective course would entail some athletic, physical and respiratory preparation as well, in order to improve or enhance the various styles already accomplished and with the addition of new styles. In the afternoon, the instructors will be available for potential private lessons. All courses are aimed at Children, from 6 years of age onwards, and at Adults.

download – Collective Tennis Courses

Collective tennis courses, arranged in different age groups and game lavels:
Beginners Adults and Children – Intermediate Adults and Children – Advanced Adults and Children
A proper school, to learn Tennis shots, kick-ups, the training and to improve one’s own technique. The end-of-course tournament will declare a Winner for each category. All participants will receive a certificate of Course attendance. In the afternoon, the instructors will be available for potential private lessons.

fitness – Fitness Time

Pilates & Stretch lessons scheduled between day and evening – A location change alternated between the beach and the village.

acquagym – Acquagym

Water aerobics with the help of some swimming pool equipment.

total-body-body-pump-e-gag – Total body abt

Total Body and ABT in the afternoon

12883448-giovane-donna-bella-facendo-base-esercizio-all-aria-aperta – Cross Training in the Village perimeter

Cross Training is perfect for those who love to train themselves in the open air, testing their own agility and stamina with a very diversified and exremely motivational and toning training.

walking– Walking, 3 times-a-week

Accessible to everyone, it switches between walking and aerobic movements, maintaining a steady workout in open spaces, like the village perimeter and the beach.

scuola-calcio-augustea-sporting-club – Football school

A proper school. A two-times-per-week program aimed at children between 6 and 12 with a training both theoretical and practical. In the classroom, the pupils will learn game and training schemes. In the field, they will put into practice the various game tattics.
The end-of-course tournament and the certificate of course attendace will be included in the program. Uniforms will give a lot of exposure in the field. Lessons will be organised according the different age groups and the number of course participants.

danza – Welcome Dance Academy

Activity aimed at the age group 8 to 12. It deals with on the body alignment and coordination, but it will focus on steps dynamics, rhythm, musicality, on how to take advantage of the force of gravity, visualization, the lines and volumes created during movement. With the help of a dance teacher, the following activities will be offered, 5 days per week:
Preparatory gymnastics and basic exercises – Choreography preparation – Final recital open to all parents – All members will receive a tutu which will be worn throughtout the course.

disegnare-con-le-spezie-giochi-bambini-1-640x426 – For the little ones…

Postural exercises and musical games suitable for children between 3 and 6
Final show and certificate of attendance for all the little partecipants in the Theatre

Marionetten – Puppets Lab

A lab aimed at the little ones from 3 to 7
From the character’s production
To the one’s own puppet creation
To history building
To the staging with a final show
Performance with Final show for all parents at the Puppets Theatre on Friday
At h 18.00 at Mini Club PaD

dj – Dj Set Junior Club

For all Music lovers, a DJ mini-course for boys and girls with final show, during the pool party. Mixing technique is essentially built on BPM alignment between the two different songs. In order to accomplish this procedure, the DJ increases or lowers the cd speed at first-listening, with headphones. A Mix of skills is found in music selection and in lights control..

DSC_3946 – Entertainer for a Day

(Aimed at the age group 13 to 17). A first-selection phase, according to the candidate’s educational, artistic or sports career. Uniform delivery and Subdivision in roles. Activities and tasks to be accomplished according to the daily program, arranged in the various entertainment activities. All Junior club kids can actively take part in all sports activities and collective lessons. Take part in all day-time and evening sports tournaments.